Why Does It Matter

  • Sensory Friendly Design

    For children (and adults) with sensory sensitivities and especially those who live with Sensory Processing Disorder (often, but not always, included in a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD and other neurological challenges) radical refusals to put on certain clothing is about much more than “not wanting to wear the color green”. Many clothes can feel intolerable and leave kids unable to think of anything other than getting them off. 

    Sensory-friendly clothing can help reduce anxiety and increase sensory regulation and body awareness. While every piece in our line features tactile friendly details like flat seams, a tag free design and crazy soft fabrics, we also understand that proprioceptive input needs can vary from child to child.

    Proprioception is a big, fancy word that refers to the awareness of the position or movement of the body. Our collection offers snug fitting options that give a gentle squeeze around the arms, torso and hips for those who seek more sensory input and loose-fitting pieces for those who prefer to avoid it. Because weighted clothing has been showed to help relax the sensory system, increase focus and relieve stress, we even designed the crazy cool, Weight Inside Snappy Cardigan, lined with interior pockets to accommodate weights. All our clothing was “kid tested” on awesome (and brutally honest) kiddos with sensory sensitivities prior to final production and we are excited to post their reviews!
  • Stress Free Dressing

    We are big fans of meltdown-free mornings. Thanks to a touch of spandex, all our tops have just stretchy enough necklines that go easily over little (and not so little) heads. Our bottoms are done with soft elastic waistbands and a sometimes slouchy, always stretchy, design that can accommodate a diaper, even in older children. And for kids whose fine motor skills are still developing, we banished buttons and used easy to open and close snaps for our Snappy Cardigan. Easy peasy.
  • Sustainability

    We make clothes for our heirs to the earth, and so we’re doing our part to leave them as nice a planet as possible. With that goal in mind, most of our pieces are made with sustainable jersey and fleece made from 66% TENCEL Lyocell, 28% Organic Cotton and 6% Spandex. TENCEL is the brand name for the fiber Lyocell that is produced by the Austrian company Lenzing AG. It is made by taking the pulp of sustainably sourced trees and dissolving it in an organic solvent. The pulp is transformed into fibers using a closed loop process in which the water and solvents are recycled with a recovery rate over 99%. Due to its high resource efficiency and low ecological impact, Lenzing was presented with The European Award for the Environment by the European Commission for developing this process. And it doesn’t hurt that this fabric is crazy soft, breathable and durable too!!!!!
  • What Does Oeko-Tex 100 Mean?

    All our designs use textiles that are certified to be Oeko-Tex Standard 100.  Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certification means that the fabric has been tested for harmful chemicals at an independent Oeko Tex institute using test criteria that are globally standardized. Simply put, our threads are safe for little humans!
  • Gender Neutrality

    We are not fans of gender stereotypes and we have zero interest in perpetuating them. The beauty of childhood is the freedom to simply “be” and far be it from us to interfere with innocence and dictate some archaic notion of what is feminine and what is masculine. We make clothes for little (and not so little) people and we hope that they find pieces in our collection that make them feel happy.

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