About Us

  • Finding Inspiration

    I am a single mother, by choice to an amazing 9-year-old daughter named Hannah. Hannah lives with Sensory Processing Disorder and countless days have started with a morning meltdown about “itchy pants” and why she “hates sleeves”. Most sensory-friendly options were “blah” at best and so inspired by Hannah’s need for a wearable wardrobe and my complete obsession with kick-ass kid’s clothes, I created Minor Details.

    I collaborated with designer extraordinaire, Lauren Markt, who studied Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design, Art History at UCLA and who previously worked for Jenni Kayne in Los Angeles and consulted with an occupational therapist to develop the line.

    When it came time to choose patterns and artwork work for the clothing, I decided that the best people to create images that kids would love were other kids. I hosted a young artist’s workshop where 24 kids created the magic that became the inspiration and artwork for “Find the Smile”, our first collection.
  • The First Set

    “Find the Smile” is a gender-neutral array of easy to wear kid’s clothing and accessories as well as a few up sized “My Adult and Me” versions of the styles.

    Created and hand screen printed in Chicago, cut and sewn in NYC, Minor Details is a luxury brand of crazy cool, sustainable, sensory friendly clothing for children ages 2–12 years old. Rooted in the concepts of adaptability, connection, empathy and mad style, the line provides fun, thoughtful and thought-provoking clothing that children want to wear.

    I am so excited to share these pieces with you and your family and I hope that you love them as much as we loved creating them.

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